The dynamic, big-voiced, red haired star of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater production of the hit musical “Ride the Cyclone,” and, this past summer, of “Bat Boy” at Griffin Theatre, the 23-year-old Roosevelt University graduate represents a jolt of fresh energy and exuberance for Chicago theater. Tatreau hails from Cerritos, Calif. She has worked all season long. “Any day I get to do a musical is a really great day,” she says. No kidding. For her audience too.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Ride the Cyclone" at MCC Theater

Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg... played with alpha-girl pep by Tiffany Tatreau, belts out a hilarious pop song in which she alternately sings her own praises …Ms. Tatreau’s hilarious turn regularly dominates the proceedings...
— Charles Isherwood, New York Times
...the terrific Tatreau, who plays Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg, class overachiever, is relentlessly focused and consumed by this character.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Ride the Cyclone" at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

First to make a case for survival, with the eager pep of an obnoxious overachiever, is Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg, played with delirious perfection by Tiffany Tatreau. Her song, resembling one of Taylor Swift’s perkier tunes, is aptly called “What the World Needs Is People Like Me.” ...Ocean is a hoot throughout…
— Charles Isherwood, New York Times’s still a stirring and immensely talented ensemble, led by the guilelessly manipulative Tatreau (who is terrific)...
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg (Tiffany Tatreau is perfection), a hyper-achieving, self-impressed redhead, is convinced she has all the right stuff for continued existence and belts out ‘What the World Needs is People Like Me.’
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times
A beguiling, cunning Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg, the self-taught leader of the pack, is played to perfection by recent Roosevelt University graduate, Tiffany Tatreau. This petite powerhouse may be a newcomer to the Chicago professional scene, but her auspicious debut on the CST stage confirms Ms. Tatreau is a bonafide star. Toward the other characters, she easily alternates between guardianship and gall and her songful soliloquy, “What the World Needs is People Like Me,” is sensational.
— Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review
Tiffany Tatreau making her debut in Chicago has a strong voice, a great stage presence and is a name you will see from stage to stage
— Alan Brushoff, Around the Town Chicago

"Mamma Mia!" at Marriott Theatre

Rockwell’s No. 1 asset in this production is Tiffany Tatreau, who might just be the spunkiest Sophie Sheridan of all time. Her red hair is far removed from the original Swedish look-alike casting trope, Tatreau has the perfect pop voice for this material, along with all the requisite charm and vulnerability.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
This gifted young lady lends a sincerity and freshness to the role which makes us truly care about her. And, as demonstrated in Marriott’s “Sister Act” and CST’s “Ride the Cyclone,” this actress can sing and dance with the best of them.
— Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review
Tiffany Tatreau, who slayed last year’s Marriott Sister Act performance (Mary Robert), is a sweet, smart, believable Sophie who manages her relationships well, despite her young age. It’s a testament to this young actor’s ability that she shows her character’s strength is derived from her mom. On top of that, her singing voice is lovely and dance moves acrobatic. “Under Attack,” the opening of Act 2, is a powerful highlight in every way…
— Barry Reszel, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"Sister Act" at Marriott Theatre

[Tatreau] pops the roof off with “The Life I Never Led,” an anthem for good girls wondering “Is that all there is?” and ready to grab the brass ring.
— Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
But the scene-stealer is Tiffany Tatreau, the young lady who made such an impression in the surprise hit “Ride the Cyclone” at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Tatreau plays a young novice who has doubts about her calling, powerfully expressed in “The Life I Never Led.” She has an ear grabbing expressive voice and a youthful presence that added just the right amount of serious seasoning.
— Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Review

"Bat Boy: The Musical" at Griffin Theatre Company

There are two strong, well-sung performances in the show, and they are in the roles where you would want them: the titular young chiropteran gentleman (Henry McGinniss) and his love interest, Shelley (Tiffany Tatreau, who is on a roll). The pas de deux are funny, honest and, as the show is intended to be, weirdly moving.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Tiffany Tatreau, who owned the stage in CST’s “Ride the Cyclone,” and recently converted a number of unbelieving fans in Marriott’s “Sister Act,” is simply terrific as teenager, Shelley Parker.
— Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review